We are the Carolinas chapter of The Society for Post-Acute and Long Term Care Medicine (CPALTC), and we heartily welcome your interest in our organization!

As a regional affiliate of the organization formerly known as AMDA, we strive to be a resource for providers and medical directors to strengthen long-term care medicine in The Carolinas. We recognize that you work in one of the most challenging medical environments – post-acute and long-term care medicine. Membership in CPALTC provides you with outstanding assets including: clinical practice guidelines, political advocacy, national networking and excellent specialized CME.

Over the last 5 years, CPALTC has expanded its membership in the number and diversity of members. We welcome Students, Residents, Fellows, Advanced Care Practitioners and physicians as well as Directors of Nursing and Administrators. We strive to engage anyone who has interest in our industry, but especially those who feel passionate about caring for the vulnerable population we serve.

Our premier event each year is Caring in The Carolinas, an educational event that hosts long-term care partners from every corner of North and South Carolina. Learn more about our conference in the Upcoming Events section above.

CPALTC provides several membership categories to encourage participation from providers at all levels of patient care. If you have any questions about a membership category please do not hesitate to reach out. Join us as we advance our mission and vision for the future of post-acute and long-term care in The Carolinas. We need you- and we believe you need us to make a difference in the lives of our patients!

Timothy M. Beittel, MD CMD HMDC CPE (President)


We promote and enhance the development of competent, compassionate and committed practitioner leaders to provide goal-centered care across all post-acute and long-term care settings. Dedicated to defining and improving quality, we advance our mission through timely professional development, evidence-based clinical guidance and tireless advocacy on behalf of members, patients, families and staff.

  • We are dedicated above all to quality in PA/LTC processes and outcomes.
  • We believe that a well-qualified, collaborative, interprofessional team with physician guidance is best equipped to care for PA/LTC patients.
  • We strive to deliver individualized, goal-directed care.
  • We are tireless advocates in all venues.
  • We are committed to being a credible information resource on PA/LTC.
  • We are a community – connected to and supportive of each other.

CPALTC Board of Directors for 2021

Thad Clements, MD, CMD
Tim Beittel, MD, CMD
Gerardo Arnaez, MD, CMD
Past President:
John Gambino, MD, CMD
Piedmont Region, NC:
Tiffany Reed, DO, CMD

Western Region, NC:
Charlie Vargas, MD, CMD
Low Country, SC:
Edward Warren, MD, CMD
Upstate, SC:
David Violette MD, CWSP, FACS